Corporate Social Credit System: Hundreds of rating requirements have already been published in >1500 government documents since 2013 → Corporate Social Credit System: Large companies active in China can expect to be subject to approx. 30 ratings, many already implemented → Corporate Social Credit System: Data infrastructure is largely operational and lots of company information is already publicly available → Corporate Social Credit System: Sinolytics has built a unique expertise and experience supporting clients in preparing for the regulatory challenges of the CSCS → Inquiries and questions: →
企业社会信用体系:自2013年以来,中国政府已发布了超过1,500份政策文件,公布了数百项具体信用评级要求 ← 企业社会信用体系:活跃于中国的跨国企业可能会受到约 30多项信用评级标准的规制,其中大部分已经实施 ← 企业社会信用体系:该信用体系的数据基础设施已能基本运作,许多公司信息已经在平台上公开 ←

Our profile

Sinolytics is a European specialized consultancy entirely focused on China

Sinolytics is based in Berlin and Zurich with teams operating from Beijing and Shanghai. It provides in-depth research, expert analysis and strategic advice at the nexus of business and policy. We consult international firms, investors and the public sector, enabling well-informed China strategy development and decision-making. Sinolytics puts a special focus on the opportunities and challenges arising from China’s rapid technological and digital transformation. Sinolytics also provides deep expertise on China’s economic, industrial and technology policies and regulation, including new forms of big data enabled business regulation and regulatory ratings.


Sinolytics, in cooperation with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, released The Digital Hand: How China’s Corporate Social Credit System Conditions Market Actors, a comprehensive study on how profoundly China’s Corporate Social Credit System impacts international companies and what they need to do to prepare.

We are delighted about the great interest our report has created. Please contact us with your inquiries at

Please click here to download the report.

Through a multitude of intensive projects with MNCs in China, Sinolytics has built a unique expertise and experience supporting clients in preparing for the regulatory challenges of the CSCS. We help companies to:

  • Understand exactly, what the system requires from your company
  • Assess where your company stands regarding the requirements and identify gaps
  • Design and implement effective adjustments to close gaps
  • Continuously monitor the further developments of the Corporate SCS

Our skills

In-depth China analysis

Sinolytics analysis is based on:

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of a large spectrum of Chinese-language sources
  • Long-term experience in interpreting government plans, policy and regulatory documents, deciphering intentions and strategies
  • Expert skills in gathering and analyzing Chinese data on market developments, detecting new trends across industries and technologies
  • Technology expertise on key future technologies
  • Strong professional networks in China’s technology, digital and start-up ecosystems
  • Comprehensive contextual knowledge on China’s political system and policy-making, economic development and technological advances

Our services

Services tailored to your needs

Based on our analysis, expertise and experience, Sinolytics offers a full range of services:

  • Tailored in-depth research to discover facts and information concretely impacting our clients’ business operations in China
  • Comprehensive analysis and expert assessments of status quo and future developments to provide a solid foundation for executive decision-making
  • Systematic advice on strategic options and related trade-offs as a prerequisite for effective short- and long-term strategy development
  • Hands-on support to strategy implementation through enabling and coaching of staff, advice on organizational and process change, strategic and tactical counseling for negotiations, delegation support

Our Clients

Advice for companies across industries

Since founding, we have had the privilege to work with more than 20 companies, many of them among the largest and most respected corporations in Germany, Europe and the United States.

In terms of revenue, our clients span a wide range from half a billion to EUR 230 billion. The majority of companies we are working with is listed in the DAX30, others rank among the largest US companies or are hidden champions of the “Mittelstand”.

Operating at the nexus of business and policy, we are advising companies from almost all business and industry sectors, and in all related functional areas. Sinolytics has a particularly strong track record in automotive and automotive suppliers, mechanical engineering, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Job Postings

Join Our Team

We are continuously on the look-out for new talents to join Sinolytics:

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