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Björn Conrad 孔弼永


Björn Conrad, CEO and co-founder of Sinolytics, has almost two decades of China experience. He is a recognized expert on China’s digital and technological transformation. Before starting Sinolytics, he was the Vice President of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS). Before, he worked as China Specialist at the World Bank/GEF in Washington D.C. and UN FAO in Rome, designing and managing projects in almost all provinces of the PRC. Earlier, he gained consulting experience with the Boston Consulting Group. He holds a degree in Sinology, Economics and Politics from Trier and Peking University as well as a Masters degree from Harvard University.

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Mirjam Meissner 梅莉


Mirjam Meissner, Director, is an expert on market regulation, industrial and technology policy and digital disruption in China and a leading specialist on China’s big data-enabled regulation of companies via the Social Credit System. She supports many companies in adjusting to the challenges of China’s regulatory ratings. In addition, Mirjam has a strong track record in consulting on the rapid technological transformation in China’s automotive, mobility, chemicals and health care sectors. Prior to Sinolytics she co-headed the technology and economics program at MERICS. She studied Sinology, Economics and Politics in Berlin as well as in Wuhan, China.

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Jost Wübbeke 龙信鑫


Jost Wübbeke, Director, is a leading expert on China’s emerging technology trends and industrial policy. He leads consulting projects for building effective digital strategies on topics such as digital ecosystems, VC/PE investment, partnership scouting and e-Commerce platforms. His core experience focuses on new technologies and innovation policies in automotive, mechanical engineering and IT. Previously, he headed the MERICS industrial policy team, where he published groundbreaking analyses on Made in China 2025. He has a PhD from FU Berlin on China’s raw materials industry. He graduated in International Relations and China Studies from Berlin and Bochum and was research fellow at Tsinghua University.

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Markus Herrmann Chen 陈瑞华


Markus Herrmann, Director, is an experienced advisor to corporate and public sector clients on key challenges in the Chinese market: strategy development, organizational effectiveness, advocacy/PR, local partnerships and policy understanding. He combines deep business understanding with policy expertise and six years working experience in China. Prior to Sinolytics, Markus worked as Government Affairs Director with Bayer MaterialScience in China and as Management Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group in its Shanghai, Hong Kong and Zurich offices, focusing on financial services and industrial goods. Markus holds a MLaw from the universities of Bern and Geneva as well as a CAS in Public Policy from ETHZ.


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Jaqueline Ives 颜明颖


Jaqueline Ives, Consultant, is an expert observer of China’s vibrant start-up scene and new technology companies. She also has several years of experience in analyzing China’s industrial and innovation policy. At Sinolytics, she has worked with clients from a range of industries including automotive, manufacturing and logistics. She advises on digital strategies for the Chinese market with a special focus on partner and investment scouting, licensing and standardization. Prior to Sinolytics, she worked as a research associate at MERICS focusing on China’s industrial policy and its implications for foreign firms. She studied Chinese Business and Economics in Würzburg, Shanghai and Bonn.


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Luisa Kinzius 梦洁


Luisa Kinzius, Consultant, is a specialist on Chinese market regulation. She extensively worked on projects analyzing the impact of big-data enabled market regulation and regulatory ratings on companies. She also observes the current trends in China’s FinTech industry as well as emerging blockchain-based business models. Prior to Sinolytics she worked at the Rhodium Group, NYC, focusing on foreign investment activities in China. She holds a Economics from the LMU Munich and a B.Sc in Economics from the University of Mannheim. During her studies she spend one year studying Economics and Chinese at the Nanjing University.


Tiffany Wong 黄亭嘉


Tiffany Wong, Consultant, is experienced in helping clients navigate China’s technology and eBusiness markets. Her engagements include supporting clients on issues such as AI and fintech, designing multi-channel digital and eCommerce strategies, start-up and VC scouting, and performing due diligence for clients from a wide range of industries, from auto-manufacturing to biopharmaceuticals. She retains a research focus on China’s cyber-governance policies, including standards on data security and information flow. She holds an M.A. from Johns Hopkins in International Economics and China Studies and a B.A. from the University of Chicago in Political Science and International Relations.


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Jingwen Tong 童 婧雯


Jingwen Tong, Consultant, tracks China’s regulatory and policy development on trade and technology, covering a wide range of topics from the Greater Bay Area mega-project to the new eCommerce law. Prior to Sinolytics, Jingwen was a Lead Analyst at China Policy, a Beijing-based policy research company, and implemented projects on the complexities of China’s industrial zones industrial policies and regulatory procedures. Jingwen holds a Master of Public Policy from University of Oxford and a B.A. in English and International Studies  from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She also studied political science as a visiting student at Columbia University. 


Prof. Sebastian Heilmann 韩博天教授

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Sebastian Heilmann serves as the Chairman of the Sinolytics Advisory Board. He advises the Sinolytics management on business strategy and the development of Chinese industrial technologies and financial markets. Heilmann is Professor for Government and the Political Economy of China at the University of Trier near Luxembourg and one of the internationally most renowned European experts on contemporary China. From 2013 to 2018, he served as the Founding President and CEO of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) in Berlin. Heilmann has many years’ experience providing advice to German and European policy-makers and corporate leaders.